• Talented

    Matching hourly employees with hyperlocal opportunities


    Offering local and flexible opportunities for over 100,000 hourly workers

    The Opportunity

    How might we prepare for the future of work?

    In today's rapidly changing environment, it's hard to find workers with the right skills and at the right availability for openings.

    Our Solution

    How might we better serve hourly employees looking for opportunity?

    By creating a hyperlocal and on-demand opportunity platform, we can match those who have the right skills to those who need to the right worker.

  • How It Works

    Find opportunities that meet your needs


    Set your needs

    Put in your preferences for commute times, pay requirements, and availability


    Pick the job

    Select from our curated set of employers who are looking for your help


    Get to work

    Be your best on your first day and you'll be all set


    Who's Involved


    Walmart, Google, and Wells Fargo

    We want to help employers fill their job needs on an ever changing job market

    Education Partners

    Job Centers and Community College

    We want to provide the next step for job trainees and students by providing jobs that fit their skills

    Social Services

    Training and Support Organizations

    We want to provide opportunities for those to learn and grow their skills while being able to earn.


    Everyone wins.


    • Providing employers the opportunity to find flexible, vetted, and local hourly workers to help their job demands

    Job Centers and Community Colleges

    • Providing the opportunity to fulfill the mission of these organizations, a wider reach for those who are looking for services and education advancement.

    Social Services and Organizations

    • Providing job opportunities for those who have received support and training, and who are ready to take the next step.


    Inspired? Let's go!

    What Needs to Be True

    Employers and Empolyees

    We need to be able to build a platform with enough employers and employees to create a critical mass where we can efficiently match hourly workers to hourly jobs.


    We need to build partnerships with city services, support organization, and education institutions to create a ecosystem that will sustain a meaningful impact to our users.

    Next Steps

    Let's start this tomorrow!

    • Refine. Refine the user's needs to stress test this solution
    • Build. Leverage those learnings to build an app based platform that will be employee and employer facing
    • Connect. Match employees and employers to reinforce a flywheel of participation and reputation
    • Grow. Continue to learn from user experiences to improve our offering - both for scale and for capacity